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RE6 is getting alot of bad reviews. When I first played the demo, I wasn't impressed at all. Now that I have the full game, I am enjoying it. But as I stated over a week ago, I hated the controls. They suck. But I have adapted. It's RE. And I love RE. And furthermore, I have to agree with alot of what that Gamespot reviewer said. Too many QTE. RE5 didn't have that. I still think Re5 is a solid game. With an enormous amount of tilt value. Mercs reunion, team slayers, and Desperate Escape are all still amazing fun for me, even after 3 years of playing it. I personally feel that RE6 is trying too hard. But that won't curb my enthusiasm in obtaining a platinum. 31% already. Professional is going ot be a real bitch with the crappy controls. Oh well, at least there's alot of checkpoints.

Have fun with RE6, guys.
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