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Played the prelude last night and there were quite a few QTE's in it but they were fine. The idea that these things have no place is nonsense. When used right they can add quite a bit of panic and desperation to what you're doing. But like anything they can be over used and clearly there are varying lvls of tolerance for them.

And i'm not saying that the GS reviewer was wrong or stupid but that he mistakingly spends way too much time bitching about cut scenes and QTE's without any detail at all about things like the Skill system and bare minimum info about things like Agent Hunter mode (i think he mentions it once).

I had a good look at the Skill System last night and was pleased with what i saw. They get pretty creative with some of the bonuses, stuff like the closer you are to you AI partner the more damage they do or being able to revive a team mate from further away. Also the fact that they split the campaign skills from the Merc skills is interesting.

Can't wait to play some more tonight.
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