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I don't think Gio has a chance at winning the Cy. Dickey, Cueto, and Kershaw. Possibly the reliever from the Braves. Seems like Posey has the MVP locked up, Harper or Miley for ROY, and Davey Johnson as Manager.

AL Cy, Price or Verlander. Manager, Showalter. ROY is obvious. MVP, still havent the slightest clue, both men are having historic seasons.
Cueto doesnt K enough guys compared to the rest and reading now that Dickey pitched pretty much all of the season with a torn abdominal muscle makes what he did even more remarkable

I think AL MVP Miguel Cabrera has possibly taken the lead part to possibly winning the triple crown but probably more due to the Tigers are making the playoffs and the Angels arent.

All things considered Angels by far most disappointing team of the year with the Marlins a close 2nd
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