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Nope. Only have a basic cell phone with a camera. I order Chinese food, call home to find out if we need milk, and take pictures of a few things. That's it. Only have to charge it every two to three weeks.'s like I'm living in the world of the "Invasion of The Body Snatchers/The Twilight Zone" right now. Certainly in the United States. Not just in Australia. And clearly the whole world. What happened in the last decade? The desire to possess a mini-computer and mini-TV on you AT ALL TIMES is stupid. People don't know how to live with a little quiet and simplicity anymore. Everything has become complicated. The evolution of the cell phone in the early 2000's was nice, but it was taken way too far. It was just the beginning of the mega-technology crap that has taken over everything that was once old-school and simple.
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