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Did I see the same movie as everyone else? I was stoked to see it because I am a fan of everyone involved and would love to see Willis make a comeback after some of his crappy roles, but this movie sucked. If you haven't seen the movie maybe stop reading here: but the whole time travel concept was dumb, why if we have the power of time travel in the future we are only using it to send criminals to the past to be killed? And why in the world would you send someone back to kill themselves when you have other people who could do the job. And we have future Willis going around killing kids? And Emily Blunt as a farmer? The movie lost me when the 2 versions met themselves, that was where everything went downhill. And why in the future can no one hit what they're shooting at? And why is the future in 2040 so horrible, what happened to make it that way?? Why had we resorted to using bricks of silver as payment? The future is going to be digital. Movie also had shitty graphics. Overall all it did was make me apreciate Source Code more, that was one of the last good movies about time travel.

4/10 and I feel like I'm being generous.
The answer to all of your questions is because they thought it would be cool
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