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Movie #11: Shock Waves (1976)

This is a film I was looking forward to seeing for a while. You know why? Underwater zombies! And unexpectedly, underwater Nazi zombies! I was happy to find it when I did, and it was time to finally get around to it. In light of the recently covered "Death Ship," it looked like a serious contender. And this has more in common with "Death Ship" than expected. That was about a haunted and demonic Nazi ship preying on other ships in the ocean. This features a shipwreck of a German vessel still floating around and also playing a part in preying on other ships. It also features an island with a mansion built on it. And on the island is a German soldier in the form of Peter Cushing. Yes, Hammer's Peter Cushing.

Tourists are having a less than luxurious time on a so-called pleasure cruise. Another iconic star, John Carradine, plays the captain. They collide with a shipwreck and wind up on the island. They make their way to the mansion (who builds all these mansions on all these islands?) and are unwelcomed by Peter Cushing. But he poses no threat in this post-WW2 time. Since the end of the war, he's been trapped on the island. And unfortunately, the Nazi zombies are still present. They are dressed in full uniform. They come from the shipwreck and wait in the water. They are no ordinary zombies and require no weapons. They have no hunger for brains and similar entrees. They are calm and quiet when they attack. They just come out of the water and drown you if they can.

This film has an orginal premise. It has those pesky underwater zombies as promised, and they do have their moments. However, it is not as good as "Death Ship." It doesn't take long for the zombies to present themselves to the audience, but the movie takes its time getting to the action. The action does deliver, but the constant scurrying about on the island gets redundant at times. The movie has its fun. So do the actors and the zombies. And so might you if you're looking for something different.

**1/2 out of 4

Recommended as a rental or purchase.

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