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BG, I like you and all... But I honestly don't understand why you feel you have to post in the US Politics related threads.... I don't get it. I know nothing about Australian politics, so I would never post in such a thread. But do what you will!

Erroneous, I'm a hardcore Democrat and a fan of Obama's. But you know what? Romney really did win. He embarrassed the President tonight, and I'm not being sarcastic in the least. I was quite surprised at how well he did tonight. I'm sour as fuck on politics in general, but I always enjoy a good debate. This however, was not one. It was pretty lopsided in Romney's favour. I don't know if it's going to be that way the next two upcoming debates though.

I also believe Obama will still end up winning the election overall. However, in general I really don't give a fuck who wins cuz it's all eventual bullshit anyway. But it's amusing to watch the debates leading up to the election nonetheless!
Nothing wrong with her posting in here. The USA is the biggest baddest country in the world and she sees stuff that happens over where she is. Plus, it is good to get the pointof view from elsewhere.

Dude, no wonder we do not get alone.

I would not worry about the debate. 47% of the people will still vote for Obama, because they need him for their government programs. lol I mean they will vote for him no matter how bad he does in the debates or how little he has to say, because his record sucks and he knows it, because all black people who vote will vote for him, all unions and union people will vote for him, because that is what unions do, most young people will vote for him, because they have no idea what the real world is like and are all idealistic, anyone who wants stuff for free will cast their votes for obama as well. Those who have to pay for all these programs and want to work hard for themselves will vote for Romney. Romney people and not Obama people are the middle class and as we all know, they middle class is going down the drain. Funny how the people that Obama says he will help, do not want his help. Well, the only hope they want from him is for him to stop trying to cuddle those who refuse to help themselves.

I am not Ryan fan. but he is going to completely fuck up Lost Joe Biden the dumbfuck asshole who can't say something without fucking it up