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Do You Know Someone Who Has Trouble Reading And Writing

Before you answer

Yes you know me as one who is not very good with her spelling

i feel as thought people look so down on people like me even though we try our best to get by

I feel sad that people have very deep opinion of this
I feel as though there are people worsr of than me at least you can see that it is only some words l might not say proberly like the one l have just made now

I have known people like three of my workmates who couldnt spell or speak english but through education they were able to learn english and get there degree even though it was hard

Anyway today it made me realize that people not only me have this problem

I know also of a woman who's parents prefered to drink there money away than send there child to school that woman still cant spell basic words

But she was able to hide her problem and went on to be able to work in certain jobs that didnt need reading and writing skills

Also she got her drivers liences not sure how she did it because you have to read a book before you go for your learners

She did have people who spelt out the words or showed her what she was doing wrong but she got by

Anyway l feel as though life isnt fair and l feel one should not be judged on your english speaking or writinf skills

Look at the person underneath before you judge

it is hard getting by even though you have your downers
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