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Isn't this sort of the point (i.e., what would you tell your younger self if you had the chance?)? Young Joe and Old Joe are very different. Young Joe is a junkie and a low-life. It's not until later on in his life that he meets a woman who cleans him up and makes him a better person. Old Joe knows that Young Joe is a piece of shit, and indicates that to him and how it is going to change eventually. That said, I still had a degree of sympathy for Young Joe (trying to save Seth's ass, his relationship with Sara and Cid, hints at his upbringing), so it wasn't like I was hating the guy's guts every moment he was on screen.
Yeah, that's kind of the point and it's definitely one of the interesting parts of the whole story, but Young Joe is the main character here, we experience the film more or less through his eyes and I just didn't really care what happens to him. He tried to save Seth but I was disappointed at how easily he gave up trying, his relationship with Sarah and Sid didn't feel genuine to me, he went from not giving a shit about them (his words) to caring so much.. the hints of his upbringing were too brief and sparse. I didn't hate his guts either but for a main protagonist he wasn't balanced right..too much of the uncaring junkie killer and too little of the savior. Because of this the final scene didn't really affect me apart from being a satisfying end.

How is it desperate? It's just a vision of the future. Do we really need endless exposition telling us why all this shit is the way it is?
Of course not, that would be painful, but at least be more subtle about it. For example: he was really pushing the French angle, and if he had explained it just a little bit, through dialogue or action, doesn't matter (seems like Joe never even ended up visiting the place during that 30 year span), it could have added an interesting layer to the character that would of hooked me into sympathizing a bit more. As it stands now it begs the question because it's right there staring you in the face and it's never explained. "He's studying French on a daily basis and really wants to go to France. Just accept it." This is a sign of storytelling weakness for me.

The vision of the future is desperate for me because all those things I mentioned are too cartoony to be taken seriously, and I'm assuming Johnson wants us to take his vision seriously and not mock it. I really believe that Johnson thinks all that shit is really cool. But to me his future felt like a bad parody at times and it messed with the overall tone of the film.

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