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I find it a bit odd that she's the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers though all the commercials with her in it only feature her from the chest up. Plus, there's no before and after pics, full body pics, or anything that shows that she's actually lost any weight.

it's called a multi-million dollars contract

this angle is worst than Disney

MAYBE ... i mean MAYBE Weight Watchers work but this shit is hilarious .... it's also like they copyrighted Jessica Simpson and that's absurb

My best female friend of the last 12 years gave birth to her daughter almost 1 year back .... she used to weight around 150 but now she's aroundish 180 ( can't tell actual weight because as a gentleman it's not polite but mainly because she's going to kill me it i did but you get the picture ) . She went up to 220 in the peak of her pregnancy.

My point is not whatever JS looks like .... that shit is hard to burn and, well, money helps to hire coaches.

My point would be .... whatever girl you like , once she gets pregnant , stick with it because 80% of cheating from guy is scoring a girl i once dated before pregnancy. I admit , wild sex is fun but i don't think it's worth scrapping your family over.

BTW , i don't have children of my own but i have a niece and 4 great-cousins and i get ask to babysit around 4 times a year so yeah ... i feel ya !
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