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well .... the parade and the fanfare and the glitters around me tell me i should answer seriously.

Well i know someone who can't write and read .... limitation got him the "mr. fix-it" job at my old job .... he doesn't read the paper but he knows how to fix shit up : plumbing leaking , ringbell not ringing or shovelling when it snows. Basically , any paper he has to sign is just gibberish.

The guy makes the best of what he got .... we tried to make him go to school to learn ( my old job actually was willing to pay for it ) but nothing sticked.

It is managable but it's just like playing easy mode on a computer game when everyone plays normal ( well , at least ). People will make fun of you.

Personally , i don't feel good by surfing the wave ..... i want to ride the biggest wave ever . Brody would be proud !
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