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Instead of seeing the series become such a mess with one new start followed by disappointment and repeat, it would be cool to visit an alternate dimension and see how how the anthology route could have played out. I have no issues with "Halloween III: Season of The Witch." It has the feel and score of a John Carpenter movie and is a worthwhile Halloween-season-themed horror film.

My feeling is that John Carpenter was pressured into making "Halloween II" about Michael Myers again after his escape from the house. The original's ending with him walking away is so cool, but might not have been official enough for audiences to accept as closure for one story. So he went forward with it and didn't bother directing. He lets a crew member, Rick Rosenthal, direct. He did a good with it.

Finally, it is time to for "Halloween III" with a different story and he lets another crew member, Tommy Lee Wallace, direct it. Wallace didn't do a bad job at all. It was the marketing and Carpenter's quiet plan with the series' new direction that alienated fans and made them turn against the film. Although I'm sure there were fans back then who accepted the film for what it was and others who genuinely disliked for its own issues.

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