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Hi Bondgirl,

I think you are being too hard on yourself. Maybe you have a problem with spelling, but what I see here on the forum seems to come down to typos for the most part. Myself I can't make one post without having to edit for typos, even if I proofread first. I miss one or two. Always.

Look at your posts above. Sometimes you will spell a word correctly, but then next paragraph you misspell the same word. You know you know how to spell it, you just goofed. Sometimes people typo with completely wrong letters, and other times they have the letters correctly, but in the wrong order. This is not uncommon at all and not only that, we don't always notice these when we proofread. It has been proven that if the first and last letter are correct, the majority of people can read the word correctly even if the middle letters are jumbled, so long as the middle letters are the correct letters, just out of order. We don't often even realize they are jumbled. So it is not always easy to even notice when we do these things.

I think the words a lot of people everywhere have the biggest problem, not with spelling but with how and when to correctly use them, are:




Those words are commonly used incorrectly, and there are simple tricks to use to remember when to use what. Easy fix! Even if you have to keep a little sticky on your computer to remind you, that's not a problem.

If you do have a real problem with spelling itself, it is not that big of a deal. You are only handicapped if you see yourself that way.

Oh, and there's always going to be "spelling and grammar police" on any forum. Ignore them. Petty, small minded people trying to make themselves feel superior.
Well you are right about what you are saying about me and my spelling mistakes
I do find that l will type away and next thing when the sentance is quoted l see that l have missed out on some letters
Which some of those words l can spell but l need to proof read abit more or go over what l have just wriiten

I think with your post you are showing me tha common mistakes plus like you said l will get the word write and then in mid sentance l get it wrong

But there is another thing l want to say

I started a topic in the politics area and l felt proud of it
I konw the person was adicing me but the subject was about education and skills if you have a look you will see what l wrote

I feel as if there is double stanards where just because l spell things wrong that l should not talk about the subject

I wanted to say what Australia does for there unemployed and it is not only for say teaching a person english or spelling but looking at if that person is unemployed they can up there education to a level where they can train for diffrent professions

Since God of War is Australian he would know more about this systyem

Where if you are unemployed you have to look for work or educate yourself with the funds from the Australin goverment

Since l am Australian l have seen first hand in what they do in this area plus l wanted to know if America has this type of thing

Since in America at this time there is very high unemployment

Since Mitt Romley was stating he wanted to get the jobless into jobs why he would have studied some of those options to get people back into paid jobs

That is why l said there is a double standard and that is why l was not happy about being told l should not talk about education or skills

it is not haviing a go at Americans but just say about what we did in Australia
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