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#5) Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980) (Oct 5)

"He's dead... he's meat... I will survive from him!"

Seriously, how cool is that poster? Crazy stuff.

So here's one from everyone's favorite Italian sleaze peddler, Joe D'Amato. I'm not sure if I've actually seen any of his work before and looking at his IMDb, it's 200 Italian titles and only a few appear to be horror flicks, so I probably haven't seen any.

Anyway, I've read that Anthropophagus (or Antropophagus as the movie's title card misspells it) was one of the most gory movies ever made so I decided to check it out. I must have gotten that confused with something else though because this sure isn't it.

While there's two really disturbing scenes, the first is ruined by an effect so poorly done/shot it isn't convincing at all, and it cuts away before fully getting to sicken the audience. The second gets the job done, but again is too brief to have the full impact it should in this type of exploitation cinema. The rest of the gore is your standard 70s-80s low budget schlock you'd expect from an Italian movie of this nature.

That aside, there isn't much else to the movie. The characters have no depth. Aside from one guy hitting on Tisa Farrow's character, another girl being jealous and one being pregnant, there's nothing to these paper thin characters. Hell, I couldn't even remember if one of them was killed off, or just stopped being in the movie until the end. The majority of the scares are very predictable, though to the movie's credit there are a few that worked really well. Music is a mixed bag. Some of it is awful and bizarre, some of it is actually really effective and reminded me of Coil's more experimental/dark material.

There's almost nothing to keep your attention in the first hour of the movie. I kept finding myself losing interest and getting distracted by other things because it was so dull. The last half hour picks up because they decided to shove everything into it, but man, that first hour... skip this one. It's too bad too, because all of the elements are in place for a pretty disgusting exploitation movie, they just forgot to exploit stuff.

But hey, at least the poster is cool.

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