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Yup, it's totally true. Anyone who receives any type of government handout and doesn't pay income tax is mooching off of the government. Gosh, all those students who receive financial aid for school, darn them for being so unaware of how the world works. They should have just asked their parents for the money...
Speaking of financial aid does anybody ever stop to think WHY the cost of college rises so quickly far above and beyond the rate of inflation?

Step 1: People always complain that tuition is too expensive so they demand that politicians make college more affordable.

Step 2: Politicians, to get votes, provide financial student aid.

Step 3: Schools suddenly able to get more money raise tuition. College becomes unaffordable again.

Step 4: Go back to step 1. Rinse and repeat.

When demand increases faster than supply, prices increase. So instead of keeping them somewhat unaffordable for some we make them even more and more and more and more unaffordable for everyone.

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