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I would not worry about the debate. 47% of the people will still vote for Obama, because they need him for their government programs. lol I mean they will vote for him no matter how bad he does in the debates or how little he has to say, because his record sucks and he knows it, because all black people who vote will vote for him, all unions and union people will vote for him, because that is what unions do, most young people will vote for him, because they have no idea what the real world is like and are all idealistic, anyone who wants stuff for free will cast their votes for obama as well. Those who have to pay for all these programs and want to work hard for themselves will vote for Romney. Romney people and not Obama people are the middle class and as we all know, they middle class is going down the drain. Funny how the people that Obama says he will help, do not want his help. Well, the only hope they want from him is for him to stop trying to cuddle those who refuse to help themselves

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This has got to be one of the most poorly misguided generalizations I have ever read.
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Yup, it's totally true. Anyone who receives any type of government handout and doesn't pay income tax is mooching off of the government. Gosh, all those students who receive financial aid for school, darn them for being so unaware of how the world works. They should have just asked their parents for the money...
So you like salad bar politcs. You use only certain things to prove your points, but ignore everything else.

If you have been on welfare for more than 4 years, yes you are mooching off the govt.
If you took out a huge student load and now bitch about having to pay it back, yes you are an asshole and mooching off the govt. Should have went to community college for 2 years first.
Are you actually saying that college kids are aware of how the world works? Now in all honesty, I think you are a smart guy, so maybe because you were smart coming out of college (or still in. i dont know) you knew or know more than the average kid, but most kids coming out of college know little about the world and how it works.

See you are just like Obama. At the debate, he just does not get it. Or pretends like he does not. Hand up, not hand out. Government programs are good, but should be thought of as an investment. Just to give away to people year after year just so they can stay alive is not a wise way to use money. I am not saying people need to die or starve, but one who is getting free government money should feel as if this is an opportuntity to reboot their life and that the money is temporary.

Getting back to my original point that you thought was misguided, but 100% true.
99.9999% of all black people are voting for Obama and I dont blame them
95% of union people will vote for Obama. That is what they do.
80% of young voters will vote for Obama, because frankly they are stupid and bought into his slogan bullshit and the Republicans are wall street evil people. Hope and Change my ass!