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That is not how or why costs go up. It is logical, but not true.

Teachers demand and get more pay. I
Insurances and other expenses go up.
Schools have to install all kind of shit and put on more people to police these kids, because everytime they do something stupid and hurt themselves, the school is sued.
Technology is just hammering schools to death with costs.
Pensions. Always was a bad idea and it is sucking the systems dry.
Some schools raise because other lower level school go up.
Those specific instances still fall under the 'supply demand' part of what I said. Professors demand more pay because the demand for them increases. The amount of college students have risen dramatically over the past 50+ years above the amount of professors & schools that get produced. If you had less students then lawsuits would be less. Technology 'demand', 'demand' for higher pensions, etc. Its still supply & demand. If there was little/no demand then the costs wouldn't be as high.