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Torchlight II

it's like it's 1998 all over again and i'm playing Diablo II .... except in HD but with the cartoony WC3 graphics

Well , i had to say it : Torchlight is a diablo-clone.

But it's not a cheap-clone.

Of course , there's a lot of similarities : point-n-click , skill tree , urn-chest-dead adventurer , portal , 2.5D view , putting gem on your gear's socket , HP/Mana bubble , portal/identify scrolls , etc

Actually , it's like the Diablo II we wished we had back then. Well , considering it was created by ex-Blizzard employees i didn't expect anything less.

While the overall feeling is that of a clone , the game is in itself pretty original. I only played the Embermage so far but the classes are weird : Outlander , Engineer and Berseker ... wtf is that lol.

The animal pet is a nice addition .... you can send him to town to buy and sell stuff while you go pee.

The fight bring a lot of hypnotic FX and colors on your screen and the loot table is wide and customable

The Shared chest is another great innovation ..... got a legendary restricted to an outlander while playing your embermage ? no problem , alt have access to the shared chest. Overall , they mostly removed the inventory problem of Diablo II.

Also , it only cost 20$

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