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Finally gotten some time to play the story mode, only have had time to playaround in Mercs so far. Liking Leon's campaign so far. Not really running into a lot of QTE's which is nice. Got through the first chapter and don't have much complaint. I'm liking the variety of zombies as well. Ran into about 4 different kinds so far.

Was nice to see that i could make use odthe skills right away after completinghte first chapter. I was was worried aobut how much pts drop in a chapter but i got just over 10k in chapter 1 which got me enough of some of the cheaper skills to fill the 3 slots. Can't wait to play some more tonight.

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This game sux in any multiplayer mode. Which is all of them, except Ada's.


Is nobody even noticing the issues this crappy game has?
I haven't played any online play yet and probably wont play online unless im playing with someone on my firends list.

What problems are you having? Poor connection? Stupid partners? Poor senario/lvl design?
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