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Not publically funding PBS has zero to do with education and everything to do with economics. Some people might point straight to certain types of commercials, but they can control who purchases time. It can be ads from educational companies. But I tend to think forward, not negatively like others.

You do not know many of my views. If you know about all the views I have posted on here you might want find a better way to spend your free time.

I am against the death sentences.
I am for abortion or at least the right to choose.
I am for more affordable education and medical needs.

The only free teaching your child needs like done by the parents. Oh yeah, that is anti big government. We can't have parents teaching their own kids. That would be terrible.

Can we all just agree that if we're not seeing funding for PBS and NPR bursting out at us in this infographic, that maybe Big Bird is not the the driving force behind our borrowing from China?