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GDT speaks

So yeah-

On to talk a moment about 3D- sorry about not being free before but now you know we were busy getting The Strain negotiations finished. More about that as soon as I can.

As I said, 5 things happened after Comicon that made me change my mind.

1) The more ILM shots we saw the more I realized that only a handful "beauty" shots of Jaeger vs Kaiju would "miniaturize" the rest of the movie (live action and CG) was staged with a roaming camera and we had enough foreground, mid-ground stuff that would allow for a conversion.

2) I had requested a very lofty -and expensive approach if converted- I wanted to take time. And time is money. I asked for almost 3 times the amount people normally allocate a few weeks. We are about 40 weeks away from opening. I wanted to be able to supervise each shot with enough time to polish (Titanic took around 50 weeks) Legendary and WB agreed.

3) I requested that a big sum was given so that ILM could composite their own shots "native" rather than the usual approach of handing "elements" to the 3D conversion house. This represents a huge increase in quality and cost but you are guaranteeing that the most complex CGI are "native" 3D. It was agreed upon.

4) I tortured the 3D house Stereo D (most Marvel movies, Titanic, etc) to do not one or two tests but to actually test several of the most difficult images to convert. For Weeks we debated each of those shots and I implicated John Knoll from ILM in discussing what to look for. And frankly, the tests were great!!

5) It was agreed that the 3D conversion would never look to be flashy or gratuitous (some people really "push" conversion so 3D gets exaggerated to the point of miniaturization. I was clear before hand that the "beauty" shots that I would earmarked would not get fake "3D-eized". This is normal even in native productions- usually with establishing shots eg: the wide views of Pandora ini AVATAR. This control was fully given to me.

So, after all of this, I decided to give it a full go. I will be overlooking the process and making sure everything is optimal. This complicates my delivery and makes it tighter but it will be worthy. For those of you that nevertheless want to see the film in 2D, there will be that version theatrically too.

Now back to work.


I finished PAC RIM way under budget and under schedule. As of this writing I am WEEKS ahead on my delivery to ILM- so, all I needed was to get Legendary WB to authorize us HOW to spend the money we had for post (vis a vis the 3D conversion, which was not originally contemplated) but that doesn't immediately translate into HB III or ATMOM. Studios calculate investments (specially in sequels) based on the grosses of each installment. Both HB and HB II were profitable to the studios but that was back in the day when DVD / home video was exceedingly rentable. Now the numbers become more conservative. PAC RIM is a big concept film that has a very clear universe and stakes. The Hellboys have always been tricky to market and many merchandising deals have even fallen through based in the title alone. The third part is also the one that requires the biggest budget because HB has to become the Beast and thus bring the end of the world to fruition. Not a cheap scenario.

Financing is always more complicated (and mysterious) than it seems from the outside.


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