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Taken 2

So, the first movie is up there in terms of bad assery... it hits Die Hard levels of awesome! So I was really looking forward to a sequel, not for the story, but to see Liam Neeson running around being a bad ass again!

The reviews for this movie have been god awful, so I decided I wasnt going to see it in theaters, but then earlier tonight hit and a few buddies and I were sitting around doing jack shit so we decided to go check out this flick.

I'll say this about the movie: It wasn't as bad as the reviews say.. but it is no where near as bad ass as the first movie. I thought it took forever to get the story started, then when it finally did, there wasnt much in the way of bad ass, there was some cool stuff, but not bad ass! Then the last 20 minutes or so, that is when it gets to be bad ass!

But there were 2 kills that were laughable: 1, when Neeson kills a dude, and then he like runs his arm across his face, it just looked weird! And then the killing of the main bad guy, really anti climactic... he just shoves his head against the wall into a spike or something.. c'mon, more bad ass please!

This director Olivier Megaton has proven himself to be an inadequate action director. Luc Besson needs to not ever hire him again.
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