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Yes, I can offically Confirm, that we have Settled on 12/4 for our release date, our only compitition for that date, as of right now, is Butter and Hope Springs, and we hope is great Counter Programing against the Dark Knight Rises, when it streets that Friday. giving us a bit of a jump on it

by the way, our early 2013 releases look like this

Frankenweenie - Late January
Wreck it Wralph - Mid Feb
Lincoln - Mid March
The Dark Knight Rises is also Tuesday 12/04, not Friday 12/07.

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It looks like the single,non-combo pack Bluray version for the Dark Knight Rises release on 12/7. All the other versions are release on 12/4. it could also be a honest miss-type..*rgn_us
Wrong. Single disc comes the same day 12/04 just like every other Warner titles in the past. DVDaf just hasn't updated that listing or forgot since there are too many listings.

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