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I'm not done revisiting the TCM series, ThirstyFly. I used to despise TCM 2, one of the worst movies ever. Re-evaluated it within a year ago and now have my peace with it. It's still not very good, though. It has some things going for it, but is all over the place and not in a good way.

I love "TCM: The Beginning." It is not the best TCM movie, but a very watchable one. Compared to how all over the map the three original sequels are, it is a solid entry. Sometimes, you want suspense with your chainsaw. And other times, you want to see what that chainsaw can actually do. And my gosh! The things it does in this movie! Will definitely be re-watching this and may re-watch "TCM 3," the best of the original sequels.
I'm kind of surprised to see you say TCM 2 is one of the worst movies out there. Like I said in my impressions I can see why purists of the original wouldn't care for it because of the tone, but wow, worst movie ever? Ouch.

TCM: TB is probably the best out of all of the sequels for me (after TCM 2), but that's not saying much. I did enjoy it during my first viewing when it originally hit DVD but this rewatch I was bored because it doesn't offer anything new to the series. It's well made enough though.

I never cared for TCM 3, but that's probably one I should rewatch since I've only seen it once. TCM 4 on the other hand, now there's a real piece of crap.
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