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I'm kind of surprised to see you say TCM 2 is one of the worst movies out there. Like I said in my impressions I can see why purists of the original wouldn't care for it because of the tone, but wow, worst movie ever? Ouch.

TCM: TB is probably the best out of all of the sequels for me (after TCM 2), but that's not saying much. I did enjoy it during my first viewing when it originally hit DVD but this rewatch I was bored because it doesn't offer anything new to the series. It's well made enough though.

I never cared for TCM 3, but that's probably one I should rewatch since I've only seen it once. TCM 4 on the other hand, now there's a real piece of crap.
I should probably be more specific. I used to consider TCM 2 one of the worst movies - * out of 4. I was younger when saw it on TV. Having given it a fair shot sometime last year and uncut, *1/2 or ** now. It has its problems, but is far from the worst movies list. Not all of Tobe Hooper's talent was wasted in that mess. But the funny tone doesn't help. I don't think going the funny route to avoid comparisons to the original's legacy was the right idea.

I found TCM 3 to be a decent movie even before getting its uncut DVD in 2003. Without question, it is best seen uncut. And there is definitely no need to re-evaluate TCM 4 to confirm that it is one of the worst movies.
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