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No doubt years in the making by now.

Raising kids can go a long way towards forcing you to stay together and make it work on the outside and at least you have a joint effort going in raising them. Now the kids grown and gone, and you look at each other and realize without the kids in the house there's really nothing left of the two of you. You somehow became only "mom and dad" instead of husband and wife.

Not as uncommon as one would think. I've known 2 couples personally who have divorced after 25-30 years.
Well l have to agree that alot of parents take this option of staying together as a couple while the children are young

But l wonder really if this works if the couple can not stand each other

I wouldnt bet that Danny and his wife had maybe a third party to this

Sometimes men get to a certain age like say in there 50's and 60's where they want to find fresh meat and that is mainly young women

But what they dont realize is a young woman will not stay for ever

Another thing is if a young woman is involved she is only staying with him because he is quite well off other wise a young woman would give a much older man the flick

I just think that it is a shame to split after 30yrs of marriage plus think of all the money they will lose through devoice
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