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Well l have to agree that alot of parents take this option of staying together as a couple while the children are young

But l wonder really if this works if the couple can not stand each other

I wouldnt bet that Danny and his wife had maybe a third party to this

Sometimes men get to a certain age like say in there 50's and 60's where they want to find fresh meat and that is mainly young women

But what they dont realize is a young woman will not stay for ever

Another thing is if a young woman is involved she is only staying with him because he is quite well off other wise a young woman would give a much older man the flick

I just think that it is a shame to split after 30yrs of marriage plus think of all the money they will lose through devoice
Well what can happen is you are living together but not living together, kwim? This can go on for many years, and I know of people living like this now. Just blah. That could go on forever!

UNTIL - a third party does enter the picture. Until that happens, most likely the marriage will just keep on truckin.'

I can say that for the majority of older men I know who are divorced (I've been married 28 years myself), they don't necessarily go for fresh young meat. They go for someone who adores them. Someone who gives them attention and finds them interesting. Something they may not be getting from their wife (this goes both ways of course).

Celebrities, yeah, you may see it more often as the older guys have younger women clamoring over them. But realistically with non celebs, in my experience age doesn't have to be a factor in the 3rd party thing.

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