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Old 10-12-2012, 03:51 PM
They both interrupted. Perhaps Biden interrupted once or twice more, but they were both interrupting each other. Thank god the moderator woman was not a push over like the PBS dude!

But, Ryan is a proven liar, well, telling falsities, whether it is blatant lies or simply he doesn't know the facts, he has shown that he says whatever... in that regard Biden had every right to laugh at what he was saying when some of the things he was saying were simple "Malarky" as Biden said!

I still dont agree with taxing the rich more than everyone else simply cuz "They can afford it".. they work hard for their money, they deserve to have that money and not be punished for their success.

But the role of Abortion came up and Biden said exactly what I was looking for.. I will not force MY religion down everyone else's throat. Those are MY beliefs not everyone's! That is key to me... you can feel free to have whatever religion you want, but dont tell me I have to abide by your beliefs when those arent the beliefs I have. And I dont get how Republicans, whose big platform is "Less govt" wants the govt telling people they cant have abortions?!?! It makes no sense and is a big contradiction in their platform.

Biden came into the debate last night knowing that he had to be a bit more aggressive because of how laid back and nice Obama was. Obama had many opportunities to "Get" Romney, but never did. Biden had to come in and make sure the people watching knew that Ryan was full of shit (When he was full of shit, granted that was not all the time)

The next Presidential Debate will be interesting on Tuesday, to see if Obama comes out on the attack.