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There Will Be Blood - Amazing piece of cinema. Saying that Daniel Day-Lewis is phenomenal in this film would be an understatement. About as perfect as a performance as you can get--What he did on screen was truly a work of art. I can't go without mentioning Paul Dano. Thinking back to when I saw him in The Girl Next Door, I never would have thought he'd be cast in such a roll that would allow him to showcase this type of acting ability, and it was such a stellar performance. The cinematography is beautiful, you really feel the camera telling the story and it's paired so nicely with the performances. Such a spectacular journey into one man's decent into madness.

I can't go without saying that I love films where the story doesn't truly resonate until the final scene. I understood what was going on in the film the entire time, but it doesn't truly sink in until the credits roll. Truly a brilliant film.