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an excerpt from the Michael J. Bassett interviews from The Verve & bloody-disgusting

“When we made the movie we tried to put some Easter eggs in there, There are visuals that are frame-for-frame from the third game. When you watch the movie you will see some characters from the game too, there is a cameo at the end that will rock your socks.”

Michael J. Bassett on Pyramid Head in 'Revelation'
“..He appears in the movie and he has a reason to be there but I can’t give too much away, obviously. The notion is that the monsters in Silent Hill have some psychological resonance with the characters; one of the big things is that people compaling that Red Pyramid belongs in game number two. But he was in the first film, so I couldn’t just ignore this amazing character in the sequel. He’s our Pinhead, our posterboy. But he needed to make sense within the story. He represents Masculinity to me, and the film is about heather’s search for her father, while the first was the parent searching for the daughter, so we’ve reversed roles. Pyramid is not what you would expect him to be. You think he’s a bad guy, but whether he really is or not, is something you’ll have to see in the film. He’s also just a cool monster, so he operates on many levels, which is true for a lot of Silent Hill. There will be people who say I completely fucked it up and the film is lousy, but it’s there for people who want to explore it.”
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