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From day 10 to day 14 . . .

11) Children of The Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) - What is Naomi Watts doing in this mediocre sequel? Oh, right, she wasn't famous yet. Had to pay the bills. And so did Karen Black, perhaps best known for "Airport 1975." This is the first entry in the series to exhaust me. As it should, it tries something a little different but is less successful. As always, another child leader possessed by the corn emerges. The local children become sick and then act as reincarnated souls of former children. This development is new to the series but not exciting in itself. Nice try. Watts is a doctor who comes back home to see her mother and take care of the sick children. She puts on a brave face and does her best with the material.

12) Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1989) - According to Doug Bradley's book and Gunnar Hansen himself, the original movie was originally titled "Leatherface." Its official title was meant to create a sensation and cause a stir. And boy, did it ever. This second sequel is the best and only decent entry to follow the original. If the original was suspenseful and scary, then this is a badass and intense "Chainsaw" film if there ever was one.

13) Night Warning (1982) - As covered at my Video Store. A creepy and suspenseful domestic horror film.

14) Sinister (2012) - This new theatrical movie seems to be recieving mixed reviews from critics and fans. I liked it. It was very disturbing. My nerves are shot by now. Have seen too many movies. Nothing is scary anymore, but it is always possible for newer movies to come up with fresh disturbing content to surprise experienced fans. This one did.

15) Pin (1989) - As covered at my Video Store. A creepy and very effective psychological horror film.

So far, 15 for 14.
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