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I'm saying a playoff drought would actually be good for the Yankee fan base. Then they'll come back and perhaps sell out some playoff games to full capacity. They'll appreciate what a playoff berth means instead of them feeling automatically entitled to it.

I can't understand frustration for a team that makes the playoffs 15 out of 16 years, win 90 to 100 games every year and wins a World Series every 5-10 years. I'm sorry I just don't get it. If they lose 5 out of 8 playoff games against the best teams in their league then shouldn't be booing. I don't care how bad some of your players perform that's pretty outrageous and ridiculous by any high standard.

Most of them do live in a "what have you done for me lately" world. Yeah and of course like every fan base not all of them are bad but a lot of them are you just have to face it. A lot of them only know Derek Jeter and one or two other players, watch a handful of playoff games like its a 2-3 week football season and call themselves die hards. Most other fans stick with their teams all year round let alone from April through October. They always say shit like "LOOK AT OUR RINGZZZ!" shoot down whatever your team accomplishes and expect people to take them seriously.

You don't boo. You just shake your head appreciate their effort and move on to the next game/year with their payroll they really only have to watch 3-20 games a year because they're gonna make the playoffs just about every year. I would be embarrassed as a fan if I heard my fellow fans booing my players in a LCS game.

I also don't get the hate for Arod who can be regarded one of the top 10 position players of all time. Being consistent in a short 15-20 AB sample size as soon as the clock strikes game 163 is completely random. He even had an amazing '09 postseason and he still gets shat on.
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