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After hearing abysmal things about the movie, I must say it wasn't that bad. Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to film action scenes. The backwards opening scene is good, the Dawn of the Dead sequence was nice and I liked how Alice beats the crap out of several Japanese zombies in a hallway. Because of the different locations the movie actually felt like a video game, with each new location a different level. Anderson also tries to cram in as many styles as possible: running zombies, soldier zombies, big monsters, car chases, close quarter combat, (wo)man to (wo)man fights. The film doesn't shy away from action.

However Anderson doesn't seem to be bothered by anything that resembles a (coherent) plot or character development. There are two big exposition scenes to give you a general idea what's going on, but characters are still dumped on screen with no introduction and almost a staple of the franchise: it ignores characters that survived the last movie.
It would've been nice if Anderson actually took some time to explain what's going on in the world, other than it's desolate and somehow the Umbrella Corporation is still thriving. Umbrella still has an endless supply of henchmen on the payroll and in their infinite facilities they are still experimenting for some reason. Instead we get the director's wife kicking ass and being awesome for 90 minutes. The worst part is I don't even mind that much. Bring on the next one.
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