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LOL. a line from my Review... The Final Bluray date for 'Retribution' is.....

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After hearing abysmal things about the movie, I must say it wasn't that bad. Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to film action scenes.
I agree with u. The movie wasn't that bad. The First time I saw I was so excited to see 'El' Gigante' and then i noticed that it was replaced by the Uber Licker which is just fine too. My review is a "Work-in-Progress" and will take me sometime to write it. I have to make sure that plan it out carefully.

The 3D,Bluray,DVD and 5-pack are all confirmed for a release date of DECEMBER 21ST. Like it says in a few posts above: expect a full announcement on 11/12...or whenever I get more info

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