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It's a few weeks off yet, but November looks like an pretty great month. What will you be seeing?

November 2nd
Wreck-It Ralph

The Man with the Iron Fists
Jack and Diane (limited)
A Late Quartet (limited)
This Must Be the Place (limited)

November 9th
Lincoln (limited)
A Royal Affair (limited)

November 16th
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Anna Karenina (limited)

November 21st
Life of Pi
Red Dawn
Rise of the Guardians
Silver Linings Playbook

November 23rd
The Central Park Five (limited)
Hitchcock (limited)
Rust and Bone (limited)

November 30th
Killing Them Softly

I'll be seeing:

Wreck-It Ralph
Life of Pi
The Central Park Five
Rust and Bone
Killing Them Softly

Will wait for reviews on The Man with the Iron Fists. May check out A Royal Affair and Anna Karenina at some point, but don't have a ton of interest in either.

I've seen Silver Linings Playbook and would recommend you do the same. The trailers are shit, the movie is great.
Those I am slightly interested in.
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