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Leaving out counterarguments I could make about some of his work on the Batman films, I agree with him. There is an abundance of terrible shot selections in The Avengers. I just watched it again recently and some of the selections make absolutely no sense. There are a ton of really random angles as well as some poorly shot action that is so terribly edited, it seemed like there was footage missing. Maybe it's because McGarvey has only done smaller-budget movies in the past, but I think a lot of it has to do with Whedon. I've heard rumblings that he had an extremely difficult time shooting this movie due to his inexperience on a project of this size. He even kind of implies in the commentary that a lot of strings had to be pulled in order to save his ass. He may have written a decent screenplay, but I'm not so confident in his directing abilities. There's a reason that he's claiming the next Avengers will be a "smaller" movie.
They're called Dutch angles, and they're actually used a lot in comics. Since Whedon was trying his hardest to emulate that style, it made sense as to why he chose those kind of angles. Are you sure you didn't read Wally Pfister's recent interview and put his words into your post? It seems rather odd you're going on about the exact same thing Pfister complained about earlier today.
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