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The yankees have done this all year. They dont hit at all with men in scoring position and dont hit homeruns off good pitchers. I am not surprised by any of this. Swisher needed to go two years ago. A nice player, but honestly we can put out most anyone and get numbers like his. He does not hit at all in the post season again. ARod needs to go. I am not going to pile on him, because I think he is still hurt, but he needs to go for the goo do of the team. Money be damned. I also say to let Grandy play out next year and if he can't forget about just hitting home runs or Ks, he needs to go. They should also move the left field fence out. I know it will be a huge expense, but too many players are just going to HRs to left and killed their games. In the long run, they will have more success if they more the fence. For the third year in a row, the problem is not the pitching. It is the hitting.

Soriano they are going to have to over pay to keep him unless they get the guy from miami for arod.
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