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ya but releasing on the 24th is always genius:

You get those last minute shoppers, who go to Best Buy, see those big displays and pick it up! And that is why holding it until the 24th to release is also genius, on release week new releases usually have the big displays, or get preferential shelf placement, so that on the 24th when people go in to buy some dvd/ blu ray for whoever, there is a title right up front, pry on sale and no fuss, no muss!

Then, it is still in those prime spots on the 26th when people are in the stores to use up their Gift Cards and return all their other shit!

But that is just me speaking, I doubt big studios put that much thought into it!

As for that artwork for The Possession... Haunting In Connecticut was a surprise for me in terms of it actually was a good and creepy movie, but it wasnt a big hit.. that artwork is nearly exactly the same as Connecticut's artwork, its not like Transformers/ Trans Morphers!
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