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"The Fly" is amazing. I hated the sequel when I was younger, but learned to appreciate it later on. An underrated effort.

From day 15 to day 18 . . .

16) Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) - This oldie die nothing for me. Felt like an uninspired rehash of "The Wolf Man." All set up and far too little payoff. This is a filler movie setting up the events for "House of Frankenstein."

17) House of Frankenstein (1944) - This follow-up was worth the hassle of the previous entry. Boris Karloff plays a mad scientist planning a huge experiment concerning the Frankenstein monster, the wolf man and a hunchback. There is an involving story and a love triangle between the wolf man, the hunchback and a gypsy girl. Dracula even makes a special appearance.

18) Highway to Hell (1992) - As covered at my Video Store. A fun, thrilling and somewhat humorous journey into Hell.

19) House of Dracula (1945) - Both Dracula and the wolf man turn to a doctor to cure them of their monsterish problems. The Frankenstein monster also shows up. A good enough conclusion to the Universal monster movies before the parodies.

But what is it really, a clinic for the monsters? It makes me picture Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger willingly going to an institute. Michael would open up to a psychiatrist about the voice in the back of his mind driving him to kill. Jason would speak to a therapist about growing up with a overprotective lunatic for a mother and somehow being inspired to kill even after her death. And Freddy...he probably wouldn't take it seriously. He would enjoy talking about killing the kids in their dreams and messing around with the doctors. He would go through a handful of doctors and be the one to ruin the treatments for all of them. Meanwhile, Michael and Jason would both lose control and slip from time to time. And at the end, Michael would force himself to channel his good side (as inspired by his psychiatrist) and face off with Jason to stop his rampage. Now, that could be the last movie for all of them! Okay, not really. But I find it humorous to think about.

20) Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) - The new element in this one is a silo containing a fire. It is believed be the result of spontaneous combustion and will not go out. But it is really the supernatural force of the cornfield. A group of college kids wind up in the farming community and so on. It's not a bad try. Better than Part IV and almost as enjoyable as Parts II and III. There is a decent effort to make the audience give a damn about the young adult characters. But it is still not very good. There are some surprising stars to be found in this cornfield. My gosh, Eva Mendez had to put up with this and "Urban Legends: Final Cut" to get to where she is now. Unbelievably, kung fu master David Carradine plays a small, thankless part in the cult. And what is Kane Hodder doing in this? Oh, he's not. Whoever that is, he is a ramarkable doppleganger. Or a twin brother Kane had no idea was separated from him in birth.

So far, 20 for 18.

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