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I did this over the summer. There's quite a few DVDs that I have ripped whole, including the menus, etc. It was somewhat liberating but in a way there's something missing there without the experience of having them in hand. I can't quite say exactly but it's almost like it makes it harder to navigate through my library. It's easier on one hand, but having the whole library there at the touch of a button almost makes it overwhelming. If you have Netflix, you might get what I mean if you have ever found yourself sorting through you queue, finding it hard to narrow down what you want to watch.

At the same time though, having that extra shelf space is really great and it's so much easier when you know what you want to watch. I guess there's a spontaneity that's maybe missing, but it might just be that it's such a huge shift from how I've been used to selecting movies.

The best I can compare it to is old school video stores with thousands of titles and going in unsure of what you want to watch -- I used to find myself spending over an hour scanning the aisles. The difference now though, is that once I find the movie, there's now the increased ability to change my mind mid-film. There's no waiting for the store to open back up, driving to get there, etc.. Not even the concern to get up and take the disc out of the player. So it's like it makes it easier to stop a movie than to start a movie.

Still though, I'm glad I did it.
What's the best ripping program? Or free ripping program? I find there are some don't have the smoothest motion.
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