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Last thought about Pfister's comments, to me it's like giving press to a losing low level assistant football coach after he sees another team win the Super Bowl and whines about how they did it.

Your analysis of Pfister's quote seems a bit bizarre to me because it basically suggests that there is some validity to the idea that The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers were in competition with one another, which I don't agree with. I just can't accept the idea that a DP like Pfister would act so childish, but I've been wrong before, so I guess there is a possibility. Even if he is acting like a bitch though, that's just one man whining. His comments don't lend any credibility to the idea that the main players behind the two aforementioned films were trying to out do each other. There was nothing to be won. Warner Bros and Nolan didn't have anything to prove to anyone after their success with the two previous batman films and Marvel's Avengers was about successfully melding multiple superhero mythologies into one film, not being superior to the Batman films.

We mostly have the fans to thank for these shitty arguments with zero plausibility regarding which comic book studio produces better movies. Seriously, who the fuck cares? I'm more of a Batman fan, but that doesn't mean I want to see Marvel crash and burn so I can claim that The Dark Knight Trilogy is superior to their films. I just don't care. I have my cup of tea and so doesn't everyone else. I'm not going to participate in an argument that is dumber than a high school football rivalry.

That said, maybe they were competitive on a very basic financial level with one another, which is not something that is exclusive to DC and Marvel. However, I really doubt that Nolan, Warner Bros, Marvel, and DC really cared about who produced the better film between them. I think they cared about the quality of their individual films, but I don't think they cared how their films would measure up to each other in terms of quality.
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