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Bay obviously took Weaving's comments as direct insults toward him, and his work, WHICH THEY WERE NOT. It's Transformers, and Weaving is an old British guy, so does that come as a surprise to anyone that the project held zero meaning to him? The man's not complaining, just answering a question honestly, and if Transformers were my movie, and he said that, I would completely understand where he was coming from. Michael Bay calls it whining and questions their integrity? So he would have preferred Weaving say that a movie inspired by children's toys really connected with him? HE DIDN'T EVEN GET A COMPLETE SCRIPT!

I'm not surprised that people are siding with Bay, because his comments would be true, IF these actors were really complaining, however they're not. Once you realize that, you realize what a baby Michael Bay is for even feeling he needed to address this.

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