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My kids sometimes watch those morning shows before school time, only because we ask them to share TV time amongst the family. Other mornings they will watch something else or some days just read, listen to music or play video games.

No matter to us though. I watched The Shining with my kid last night so seeing Tom Hanks slip into a character probably wouldn't register when compared to Jack wanting to bash "your fucking head in." The whole point of everything is that we take the time to teach the kids that these aren't things you say everywhere - teaching them the difference between profanity and "dinner talk."

A lot of parents are just assholes so the outrage over this doesn't surprise me. When your kids are repulsive little suck-ass pieces of shit without a single redeeming quality worth speaking of, I guess you look for talking points outside your real life wherever you can get it, even if it means vilifying Forest "Fucking" Gump.
I mostly agree with this. Frankly I have always felt that language is the very last thing we need to worry about exposing our kids to, and these words are only deemed bad if we put stock into them. If we treat them as no big deal they'll be exactly that, and if we teach our kids not to repeat them and understand the meaning of them that's even better.

News channels have no problem showing videos depicting the horrors and violence of war and local crimes and advertisements feature scantily clad women in the shower, but god forbid somebody say Fuck on TV.
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