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i have reconsidered about my list

the songs should be in that list
Sympothy of detruction- Megadeth
American idiot- Green Days
All nightmare long- Metallica
Money for nothing - Dire Straits
Sultans of swings- Dire Straits
Honky Tank Women- The Rolling stones

My top 10 favorites are
1. Jonny B Good- chuck Berry
2. Purple Haze- Jimmy Hendrix
3. Smell like teen spirit- Nirvana
4. Whole loota love- Led Zeppelin
5. You really got me- Kinks
6. Layla- Derek and Dominoes
7. Killing in the name of- Rage against the Machine
8. Back in Black- AC/DC
9. Crazy Train- Oazy Osbourne
10. Voodoo Child- Jimmy Hendrix

i know some people screaming me to place "Smell like teen spirit" on 3# but in my opinion it is important guitar riff which should be here
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