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Solid episode last night, with some really good moments. The show made a really good decision bringing us here, watching Dexter and Deb have to coexist on the same wavelength. I think when Dexter is over a lot of people will say it never got past season four, but everything being so radically different this season may lead to its redemption. It will never be that good again, clearly, but with what's going on now it has room to be good in a whole other way.

Redefining their relationship entirely makes it play like something brand new, almost. The "will you be mine?" scene does something that I don't think we've seen done yet, by stepping outside of Dexter's narrative and presenting him as an almost sinister entity. It was brief, but effective. I also really loved his line "everything is in my control." In fact that whole conversation with Deb in the parking lot was outstanding, so was their other one in the alley. Just Dexter saying "I love you" is a loaded moment now, as is just about every other one they're together in.

Dex's yelling of "fuuuck!" while taunting Speltzer was great. Also his acknowledging that that character, and everything that happened involving him, was basically a plot device to further his relationship with Deb. Burning the slides, that shot where he's watching the smoke, the whole last sequence was really good (until the unbelievably bad final line, where I was literally thinking "don't say human, please don't say human" and then he did). There seem to be things going on underneath, beyond just the blunt force trauma of Dexter's monologues, and this ep felt like the season catching its stride imo. I hope it can keep it.
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