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The Complete Fright Night Franchise Mini-Marathon

#19) Fright Night (1985) (Oct 20)

"A coffin! That's what's down there, a coffin. I saw them carry it in. Yeah, and you'll find Jerry Dandrige in it, sleeping THE SLEEP OF THE UNDEAD!"

There's plenty of big movies I missed growing up during the 80s that I've slowly been catching up on. Fight Night is one of them and man, did I have a blast with this one. I was giggling through the entire thing. What a great example of 80s horror/comedy.

I'm sure everyone else has seen this, but I have to say how much I enjoyed Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall's performances. Sarandon's portrayal as the vampire was great. I loved how he wasn't just pure evil, at times you actually felt kind of bad for him as he treated it like a curse and just wanted to be left alone. And Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent was so fun. Just a really enjoyable character to watch. Every time they cut to a shot of him being shocked or scared I laughed.

#20) Fright Night Part II (1988) (Oct 21)

"Let's talk about blood, Mr. Vincent. It's very precious to me."

At first I was a little disappointed with this one because having Charley convinced that Dandrige being a vampire was all in his head seemed like a cheap way to just repeat the story beats from the original and the final tease of Fright Night wasn't carried over, but I got over that pretty quick once things got rolling.

The 80s cheese won me over and I had a great time with this one as well. The characters and humor were just so much fun.

#21) Fright Night (2011) (Oct 21)

"That is a terrible vampire name. Jerry?"

When I watch a remake, I try to judge it on its own merits, but there are two things I look for if I've seen the original:
1) Does it have enough new content/changes to still be interesting?
2) With the changes, does it still keep the spirit and/or themes of the original?

I think the Fright Night remake comes pretty close and I had a good time with it. Sure, they changed quite a bit, but I felt they captured the humor and feel of the original. Probably the biggest issue is that even though Colin Farrell obviously had a lot of fun playing a modern Dandrige and I liked his performance, the character came off as just an evil villain in this one. There wasn't really much in the way of him being sympathetic or being pained by his curse, he was just out to kill.

Other than that, I think the cast was great. The humor worked and other than Dandrige's character being more evil, I don't think they missed the point of the original.

Overall, good weekend for me.

Final Viewed List:

#01) The Cabin in the Woods (2012) (Oct 1)
#02) Piranha (1978) (Oct 2)
#03) Piranha DD (2012) (Oct 3)
#04) The Living Dead Girl (aka La morte vivante) (1982) (Oct 4)
#05) Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980) (Oct 5)
#06) Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) (Oct 6) (rewatch)
#07) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) (Oct 7) (rewatch)
#08) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) (Oct 8) (rewatch)
#09) Motel Hell (1980) (Oct 9)
#10) Deranged (1974) (Oct 10)
#11) The Burning (1981) (Oct 11)
#12) Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) (Oct 12) (rewatch)
#13) The Fly (1958) (Oct 13)
#14) The Fly (1986) (Oct 14) (rewatch)
#15) The Fly II (1989) (Oct 15) (rewatch)
#16) Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012) (Oct 16)
#17) Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies (2012) (Oct 17)
#18) Exit Humainity (2011) (Oct 19)
#19) Fright Night (1985) (Oct 20)
#20) Fright Night Part II (1988) (Oct 21)
#21) Fright Night (2011) (Oct 21)
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