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From day 19 to day 22 . . .

21) Night of the Blood Beast (1958) - Part of a 50 movie boxset. An unremarkable film about an astronaut returning to Earth with an alien parasite. Nothing you haven't seen before. Wasn't in the right mood to watch anything else at the time.

22) Altered States (1980) - It was long overdue to re-watch this. William Hurt plays a scientist obsessed with researching and experiencing other states of consciousness - right down to the primal urges of apes we used to be. Using an untested drug and water tanks, he and audience experience incredible hallucinations. And eventually, he transforms into a primal ape. It is an amazing film.

23) Death Nurse (1987) - As covered at my Video Store. An average shot-on-video film about a deranged nurse and doctor.

24) The Devil's Backbone (2001) - I kept putting this off for too long. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro of "Hellboy" fame. It wasn't what I was expecting. Less of a dark ghost story and more of a dramatic, adult thriller set during the Spanish Civil War. A Spanish horror film is a nice change of pace. It was worth seeing.

So far, 24 for 22. 9 days and 7 movies remaining. This will be a first. Clearly, never did watch 31 movies before in all those days. Not in October or any month. There is a constant reminder to keep up and a need for a variety of sub-genres to survive. So far, I'm not feeling worn out. I'm actually treating this October like it's the last one - just in case doomsday 2012 is for real.

Coming out tomorrow on DVD is "Wrong Turn 5" and I can't wait. I'm just as excited for it as I was for "Resident Evil 5." There just aren't that many reliable franchises left over nowadays, theatrical or straight-to-video. There is also "Paranormal Activity 4," but have not bothered with any of the three previous films. Zero interest. Did see "Silent Hill" six years ago and enjoyed it, but not feeling any need to see the sequel.

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