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#22) Insidious (2010) (Oct 22)

"It's the first line of a joke, right? Guy comes home to find his wife with a priest?"

I had planned to watch Insidious for my marathon last year, but I kept missing the showtimes on cable and then just forgot about it. It was still playing this year so I made sure to catch it. I wish I missed it again

I absolutely hated it. I think it's time I finally admitted these haunted house style movies are just not for me and give up trying to watch them. There's very few I've actually enjoyed - and the ones I did were because they had some kind of twist that made it interesting.

The scares just didn't work at all for me. Everything felt so telegraphed and predictable that nothing surprised me and it relied way too much on the typical LOUD NOISES OH NO THE DOOR IS OPEN THERE'S A SHADOW IN THE CORNER garbage that all these movies rely on. All it was missing was a cat jumping out from a dark corner and maybe a self-playing piano. There's absolutely nothing original about the first half of the movie.

When it finally did move away from the haunted house cliches, it became even worse (if that's possible). Who thought it was a good idea to make the two paranormal investigation guys comic relief? Pretty much any chance the film had of being scary was lost when these two guys were bumbling around. I appreciate them trying to change up the plot a bit, but the blend of
the Exorcist and Poltergeist
that they had going on came off as way too silly. I was honestly fighting to just stay awake during this thing.

But hey, at least Rose Byrne is attractive.

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#22) Insidious (2010) (Oct 22)
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