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Thoroughly enjoyable, suspenseful, hilarious in just the right places to offer levity when we really need it, and of course impeccably acted by what could perhaps become the very best ensemble piece of 2012. I even loved the vintage WB studio logo to kick things off, and the grainy Ď70ís cinematography that Affleck used to jarring effect to put us smack dab in the middle of a violent revolution. Veering in so many different directions at any one time with multiple storylines to juggle, Affleck the director does a very good job of keeping a militant focus on his performers and the development of individual characters even as he puts in a damn fine understated performance himself as the CIA exfiltration expert. Kudos should also be given to him for crafting a suspenseful thriller out of a situation that is wholly predictable. History suggests it should be paint-by-numbers, but it grabs you by the balls. Thatís filmmaking at its best. But if this doesnít garner awards consideration (though it should), we can at least take solace that Bryan Cranston is now a certified big screen star for his post-Breaking Bad career. Any scene with him or Alan Arkin is worth all the accolades in the world. ARGO FUCK YOURSELF!

-> 9/10