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There are very few critics I pay attention to but Christy Lemire is one of them. She says that this thing is laughably self-serious and laughably bad.

A few things that give me true pause...

Maybe if you’re 20 years old and high in your dorm room with your friends, the platitudes presented in ‘‘Cloud Atlas’’ might seem profound.

Anyone else in his or her right mind should recognize it for what it is: a bloated, pseudo-intellectual, self-indulgent slog through some notions that are really rather facile.


The most ridiculous is the one that takes place ‘‘After the Fall’’ in Hawaii in the mid-2300s. It requires Hanks and Berry to yammer at each other in a disjointed, stripped-down version of English that’s as indecipherable as it is laughable. Even more unintentionally hilarious is the sight of Weaving hopping around in green makeup like some subversive leprechaun, whispering naughty things in Hanks’ ear.

I was wondering why they are trying to sell this movie as a sci-fi romp. Don't they know that audiences hate a bait and switch more than anything else?
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